Personalized Greetings thanks to our Smart Voicemail


Get a visual voicemail on any iOS and Android phones whichever is your Operator.


In a meeting? Thanks to Voxist's voicemail-to-text service, you can read your voicemail and get to the point.


Our patented technology allows you to greet your friends differently from your colleagues.


Never get disturbed again by a marketing call and don't bother getting voicemails left from unwanted callers, we filter it all.


Visual Voicemail

Get all your voicemail on one screen and, in one click, listen to that important one.

Voicemail to Email

No access to your phone? Get your voicemail along with their transcriptions by email.


In the blink of an eye, get an idea of the voicemail content thanks to its voice-to-text transcription.


Personalized Greeting

Create greetings tailored made for your close ones.

Modern Design

Get a modern design that will evolve with your feedbacks.

Customer Centric

We are focused on making Voxist useful to you and always eager to get your feedbacks and ideas.



First testimonial

Martin D.

As a real estate agent I am with customers most of the day and clients keep leaving me voicemails about urgent matters. Thanks to Voxist transcriptions, I can stay on top of things without waiting for a good time to listen to my voicemails.

Second testimonial

Marion R.

Once I missed a job opportunity because I mistakenly erased a voicemail, if I had Voxist, I could still have the text and even an email with their contact information!

Third testimonial

Deam C.

My operator here in the UK doesn't provide Apple's visual voicemail, thanks to Voxist I can not only benefit from basic visual voicemail but I also have personalized greeting for my friends.

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